zondag 1 februari 2015

Prijs Letterkunde

I made a poster for the Provinciale Prijs Letterkunde 2015 West-Vlaanderen!

maandag 19 januari 2015

Kabinet i

From the 24th of January till the first of March you can see some of my work at Kabinet i at SASK Sint-Niklaas!

The exhibition will also feature work by Tim Van den Abeele, Carll Cneut, Gerda Dendooven, Korneel Detailleur, Anton Van Hertbruggen, Tom Schamp, Alain Verster and Heike Villavicencio.

Opening and vernissage this Saturday at 4 pm, see you there!

zaterdag 3 januari 2015


Happy 2015!

zondag 14 december 2014

Lastminute Christmasshop at RAAM!

Golden tip for anyone from Ghent who's still looking for Christmas gifts: RAAM is hosting a lastminute Christmasshop on Sunday the 21st of December! 

Among jewelry, postcards, notebooks and many other things made by different designers, you'll find a few one-of-a-kind embroidered totebags made by me! 
RAAM will be open on Sunday the 21st, from 9am till 9pm, see you there!

Go here for the facebookevent.

zondag 30 november 2014

Kunst in Huis

From now on it's possible to rent or buy my work from Kunst In Huis! 

Together with five other ex-students of Carll Cneut (Merlijne Marell, Eline Maes, Joke Dieleman, Alain Verster and Nele Balcaen) I was invited to be 'artist in the spotlight' at their department in the St Peter's Abbey in Ghent. Reason for this is the wonderful exhibition about Carll Cneut which can be visited until the 10th of May. Our work is on display until the end of December, and is available for rent or sale afterwards. Click here to see my page at the Kunst in Huis website for more information.

maandag 3 november 2014


a little drawing / a textile project

zondag 5 oktober 2014


What are you working on?
September has been a month of new beginnings for me. I just started working a full-time job, and a few weeks ago I had my first class of a 2-year course in textile design. I love doing things I've never done before so I can't wait to see what new things I'll learn and how it'll inspire my illustrations. Right now we're trying out lots of different things, I'll probably share more of my experiments in the future. This summer I spent time making plant pots and small drawings which, among other things, can now be seen at an exhibition in Dordrecht, and I still have a few projects coming up later this year.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?
It always seems easier for others to recognize this, but I suppose a major distinctive aspect is that I use lots of different materials, most notably stitched thread. I love textures so my favourite ways to make an image are with drypoint (which is a simpler version of etching, perfect for a person like me who's not very patient when it comes to drawing) and thread. There's also a few colours I keep coming back to, mainly Prussian Blue, which is sort of my black. I like to pair it with very bright yellow or Ultramarine. Other than that: animals, lots and lots of them!

Why do you create what you do?
Making things with my hands is just an urge I've always had and I can't imagine what it's like not to feel that. Sometimes small things like fixing my bike or making dinner can be enough, but when I spend a day without doing any of that, I tend to feel a bit useless. I'm not sure why exactly I make illustrations, all I know is I've been drawing ever since I was a little kid. What I do love about it is that it's not much of a hassle, and that I can do it by myself. I love doing side projects with clay or textiles, but I think I'll always keep coming back to paper.

How does your creative process work?
I tend to get inspired by colours and shapes a lot, or random little things I see or hear about. I try not to overthink drawings before I make them, though that's not always a possibility. When I do commissioned work I often have to provide a sketch, but I never make them for personal work, then I prefer to let my illustrations come into existence more intuitively. 


I got invited to this blog hop by my friend and fellow illustrator Merlijne Marell, who makes beautiful work you can check out here

I'd like to pass these questions on to two illustrators from the UK whose work I came across on the internet. First up is Wai Wai Pang. I think I first saw her work on Flickr and I really love how she switches between simple subtle drawings and bold and colorful ones. Also: this.

The second  illustrator I choose is Katie Harnett. I can't quite remember where I first saw her illustrations but I love her balanced colour palettes, shapes and compositions  and the way she paints. Check out her blog here.

I'm looking forward to their answers!

maandag 22 september 2014

Veertien Achttien

A while ago I made in illustration for a one-off magazine about life along the Western Front in Flanders. Today I got a copy in the mail! The magazine is made by Stapel.

zondag 14 september 2014

Voorstraat Noord Festival 2

I had a great time working at DOOR today! More information about opening times of my exhibition coming soon. For now I'll leave you with a small impression of the day...

maandag 8 september 2014

Voorstraat Noord Festival

All thanks to a fantastic Patti Smith concert earlier this summer, I was invited by DOOR to the Voorstraat Noord Festival. The event will take place this Saturday the 13th in Dordrecht, NL. I will be showing, making and selling some work, so everyone is kindly invited to come and visit us! Go here if you want to find out more about all the other activities that will take place.

Hope to see you this weekend!

zaterdag 12 juli 2014

July 12

vrijdag 6 juni 2014

Éditions Marguerite Waknine

French publisher Éditions Marguerite Waknine wanted to make a zine of my work for their Cabinet de Dessins-series. It's available for purchase here!

maandag 17 maart 2014

Sharjah Book Fair

Very happy to announce that some of my illustrations will be exhibited at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival exhibition for Children’s Book Illustrations in the United Arab Emirates.
More info about the book fair here.

vrijdag 28 februari 2014

Bóveda Celeste

A small feature in the latest issue of Bóveda Celeste, which can be read here

donderdag 23 januari 2014

Liefde Tussen de Lijnen

A while ago I made an illustration for a literary festival in my hometown Ostend, happy to see the posters popping up in the streets!

vrijdag 13 december 2013

Welcome, Joppe!

A warm welcome to my friends' first son :-)

vrijdag 6 december 2013

Shop update!

My whale print is now available on tote bags, head over to the shop to order!

Also available from now on is the set of eight holiday cards made by Pixies World, Nina Vandeweghe, Toon Delanote, Shanna Coppens, Xavier Truant, Charlotte Peys, me and Joris Thys! 

maandag 2 december 2013

Holiday cards

Pixies world invited seven illustrators to design a series of holiday cards. They will be available from next week and cost € 9,60. Send me an e-mail to order!

donderdag 10 oktober 2013

New postcards in the shop!

I updated my shop with new postcards!

woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Vrijstaat O

Come see my work at Vrijstaat O! The exhibition runs until the 22nd of December and can be viewed during activities or Kaffee+.

Kaffee+ opening times:
October: sa 5, su 6, sa 12, su 20, sa 26
November: fr 1, sa 2, sa 9, mo 11, sa 16, sa 23, su 24, sa 30
December: sa 7, sa 14, sa 21

More info here

dinsdag 24 september 2013

Steamroller printing 2

Some photos of my linocut and print in action. 

(photo: Topo Copy)

More photos of the weekend here.

zaterdag 21 september 2013

Steamroller printing

This weekend the museum of industry, labour and textile in Ghent is holding an event focusing on print. Me and 39 other artists spent the last couple of weeks carving huge blocks of linoleum which will be printed using a steamroller! My arms are sore from cutting, but I'm very excited to see the results.

Full details of the event here.

From now on I can be found on facebook as well.

Museum about Industry, Labour and Textile

woensdag 19 juni 2013

Graduation 2013

Hooray, I finally graduated! My project was a series of illustrations inspired by a story about the sea, you can come see it at School of Arts' Graduation 2013. If you can't make it (or if you can't wait), head over to my flickr account to see more of my work from this year.


Graduation 2013
Thursday 20th till Sunday 30th of June.
Exhibition opening Wednesday 26th at 19h.

More info here.

donderdag 30 mei 2013

Rorschach expositieweekend

A while ago, graphic collective Sorryklaas;) asked 30+ creatives to each make their interpretation of a Rorschach inkblot. This weekend they will be shown at Avenue L in Ghent.

Featuring work of Hadewych Bécuwe, Laura Bergans, Thomas De Ben, Annelies Derudder, Korneel Detailleur, Joris Dockx, El Neoray , Daphné Gerhard, Gert Van Goethem, Gerard Herman, Andreas Hooftman, Nick Mattan, Sylvie Marie, Jeroen Migneaux, Erwin Mortier, Eva Mouton, Mrcvndrhlst, Ben Raes, Joris Thys, Xavier Truant, Pieter Vanabeele, Sarah Vanbelle, Katrin Swartenbroux, Nele Vanassche, Klaas Van de Moortel, Nina Vandeweghe, Marc Vangrieken, Marta Verschaffel, Robbert Van Wynendaele, San F. Yezerskiy and Maarten Zerelik and me.

dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Postcards from Places I've never Been

A while ago I participated in a Swimming Book project called Postcards from Places I've never Been. Nine illustrators designed sixteen postcards about sites and places - real or imaginary - where they've never been. The postcards come in a handmade box with silkscreened cover and are limited to 52 numbered copies. Featuring Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo, Ella Cohen, Ilse Weisfelt, Jaime Ferraz, Jay Cover, Lie Dirkx, Pieter Van Eenoge, Philipp Dornbierer and me, available here!

And some more news: a while ago I was asked to be featured in a special edition of dpi Magazine Taiwan focusing on meticulous art. This weekend I got the magazine in the mail, here are my spreads:

dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Postcards for sale in the shop!

I finally put something in my shop! I'm selling the above set of five postcards for €7. :-)

woensdag 12 september 2012

Het Dierencarnaval

Het Dierencarnaval, a childrens book commissioned by Mu.ZEE. Text by Phillip & Birthe Van Den Bossche, illustrations by me. For sale at the Mu.ZEE bookshop!